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Business Name Registration has never been easier

Why should your register your Business Name?


Enhance your credibility & reputation as a legitimate & professional business.


Get exclusive rights to use your business name & prevents others from using it without your permission.

Business Account

Open a bank account in your business name & access loans & grants from financial institutions.

Legal Status

Registering your business as an entity on its own saves you the stress of having your issues affect your business.

When people share their Business Name Certificate issued by the CAC on social media after registration, it is not for the ‘congratulations’

They are telling you that ‘We are now a registered business, you can trust us’.

Simplified Registration Process,
from start to finish.

Enter your business & personal information.

Make Payment on our secured platform

Wait for Registration Confirmation


Receive your documents.

Note: Business Name Registration duration could take up to 1- 3 weeks.

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What type of Business Registration Service do you offer?

Currently, we only offer “Business name Registration” also known as Sole Business Owners. This is different from Company Registration, if you need help with company registration, please reach out to us via info@foxtelbrands.com 

How Long will it take for the registration process to be completed?

-Name reservation takes 3-7 working days on average.

– Business Name Registration can take up to 1-3 weeks.

Kindly note that: all timelines stated above are subject to Corporate Affairs Commission guidelines & additional requests.

What are the expected Deliverabes?

We’ll deliver the softcopy of your CAC Certificate and the Registration documents, to the email address that your provided.

How much does Business Name Registration Cost?